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The Mission

Our mission is to advance all of society by providing energy creators a new technology to produce clean, secure, and economically sustainable renewable energy with the lowest possible environmental impact.

The Mantra

Advance Sustainable Energy for All

Scalable and powerful
Instead of just using air to push on an object HES leverages gravity and buoyancy for improved efficiency and torque.


The system consists of our patented “Density Engine” which encases our Gravity Pistons floating in cylinders of water. Gravity Pistons are triggered into motion once CO2 is released beneath the Pistons causing a decrease in the waters density. The downward gravitational movement and the upward buoyancy transition of the pistons create kinetic energy that is converted to electricity.

The GEN3 was constructed as a fully operable prototype. It was this reduction of the patents to practice that gained HES its broad and proprietary allowances from the United States and International Patent Offices.

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