Global energy concerns have invested hundreds of Billions of dollars into CCGT’s only to find their operations being held hostage as “Stranded Assets” because of growing intermittent renewable generation. Integration of Hopper Storage Systems could provide these mammoth existing energy producers the ability to run their plants at optimal levels and store excess power for a period of time before releasing it to supply energy. This storage component and arbitrage capability could be the formula needed to rescue these facilities back to profitability. In comparison with coal-fired power plants, CCGT plants offer, lower investment costs,  they emit half as much CO2 per kWh and are very dependable generators. Non-greenhouse gas emissions such as SO2, NOx, and particulate matter were also greatly reduced using this technology. In many cases where CCGT plant owners are faced with ramping back production capacity and incorporating business curtailment planning  they are instead choosing to move to more profitable markets and less clean but more lucrative generation assets.