Executive Summary of Hopper Energy Systems

The Company

Mechanical Engineer and Inventor Lee Hopper along with a group of scientists and business executives founded Hopper Energy Systems Inc. in October 2009. The Company is a Delaware C-Corp with its principal offices located at 791 10th Street South, Suite 201, Naples, FL 34102

The Company’s Business

Hopper Energy Systems (HES) was founded as a technology provider to produce Electrical Energy from the very common elements of Water and CO2 utilizing the physics of Buoyancy and Gravity. HES will deliver “Green Electricity and provide Utility-Scale Storage” which has been described as the “Economic Holy Grail of the Energy Industry.”

The Product

Our product is green energy generation and energy storage – at times it’s a direct product from the operations of our systems and technology and at other times it’s a by-product or stored energy. The physical form of the Hopper Plant and its system configuration will vary depending on the type of industry segment we are serving.

Hopper Plants – Our Energy Delivery or Energy Storage Platform

The system consists of our patented “Density Engine” which encases our Gravity Pistons floating in cylinders of water. Gravity Pistons are triggered into motion once CO2 is released beneath the Pistons causing a decrease in the waters density. The downward gravitational transition and the upward buoyancy transition of the pistons create kinetic energy that is converted to electricity.

Market Size

Our focus is the global electrical energy sector, a Ten Trillion Dollar Energy market place. The renewable energy segment of this market is expanding rapidly and is approaching One Trillion Dollars in economic activity. The Company’s clients and licensed partners will represent many types of energy creators and heavy energy users.

Our initial business target will be Energy Storage for the Wind Energy Industry and rehabilitation of fossil fuel fired generating capacity. The Wind Industry is currently producing $110 Billion Dollars in yearly economic activity and has a current growth rate of 12.5% annually. We believe our technology will provide the means for energy producers to smooth their production and capture & store energy produced at “Low Price – Low Demand” time periods and to subsequently recall and use or sell that energy at times of “High Price – High Demand” time periods to significantly enhance their earnings potential from direct generation or offering a financial hedge product to call on such stored energy to other energy producers. In addition our technology can also be utilized by existing fossil fueled generators such as CCGT’s where at times of low demand or 5 system constraints such producers can store energy and avoid periods of shutdown or inefficient part-load operation and instead store energy for optimal use at times of higher price/demand and or offer the stored energy as a grid support service. Offering such a life-line to these operators allows Hopper to participate in this multi- Billion dollar market segment.