Hopper Effect

HES patent entitled “Methods and Systems for Power Generation by Changing the Density of a Fluid” is a proprietary process developed by retired Air Force veteran and engineer, Lee Hopper. His discovery is our patented process that allows a multi-ton object to accelerate from a buoyant standstill in a matter of seconds. We have finally solved the age old dilemma of how to harness gravity and buoyancy in a synergistic process we call the “Hopper Effect™.”

The Hopper Effect™

Here is why we are different and how we have unlocked these tremendous forces and allow them to work together. Unlike an object being inflated having to struggle through the friction and viscosity of water, the HES gravity piston, coated in a new ultra low friction coating, falls rapidly through any lowered density liquid. Once the piston has descended to the bottom of the HES plant’s shaft, the density change is abated. The pure gas exits the surface of the liquid for collection and the massive hydrodynamic gravity piston shoots to the surface like a submarine blowing ballast and breaching.