frontIntellectual Protection
The important PCT foreign patent search resulted in our technology as being determined to be novel and operable. No significant prior art was discovered allowing HES to apply for broad patent protection in the U.S. and Internationally. HES extended its patent protection internationally with granted patents in Germany, France, UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Australia, Mexico, Russia, Canada and is pending in Japan, India and China. On March 11th 2014 HES was granted allowance on its device and method patent “Methods and Systems for Power Generation by Changing the Density of a Fluid” by the United States Patent and Trademark Office securing patent protection on the world’s first “Density Engine™”. As of March 15th 2013 HES filed additional utility patents for environmentally sound and commercially viable applications of HES technology. These include but are not limited to: HES plants integrated into natural gas distribution systems, clean renewable energy production, district and industrial cooling, on-demand energy storage with CO2 sequestration and algae based biofuels. All intellectual property is assigned and registered to Hopper Energy Systems Inc. Denton’s the world’s largest energy law firm has evaluated HES intellectual property. Denton has commented that the patents offer broad coverage and will allow HES and its successors to mine the patents for value and provides a great deal of freedom to operate.